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web cá độ bóng đá hợp pháp

Living a Once Complicated, But Now Simple Life

Taylor Mulder moved out to Cobble Hill, BC in June of 2015, from Grande Prairie, AB in pursuit of a new way of life. Looking for a chance to start over, he soon became very passionate in hearing what others had to offer, and wanted to follow suit. Having attended a treatment centre where the encouragement of laying out his past, and begin writing about his future, is what has drawn attention to his passion for wanting to tell his story, and hopefully one day follow suit in helping others.

Along with encouragement of fellow addicts, friends, and family, Taylor has been gifted with the opportunity to work with a ghostwriter in achieving these dreams. It was once upon a time, that life didn’t seem possible for him, battling not only addiction, but a life of Epilepsy. He found himself once going nowhere really fast. Being introduced into recovery and having tools to use, have allowed him to become open minded about his past, allowing opportunity for a new way of life.

This new way of life consists of going to meetings, golfing with fellow addicts regularly, and by being involved in service work by helping others in and around the recovery community.


It was with great honour that I was invited to give a talk at a recovery based program, sharing my story of what life was like during active addiction, what I had to do to get clean, and what my life looks like as a result today. This is just a small portion of my story, as it outlines in my book the great details of what this was all like.

Now that my book has given me my identity in being able to share this with others, only to receive feedback from people on such vulnerable levels, speaking engagements are my next step in doing so. I love having the ability, along with the strength to share my story with others, as I can only hope and dream that someone can hear even just a small portion in relation to my story, in letting them know they’re not alone. That my friends is what helped get me clean, and lead me into this amazing life I have today. For the simple fact that I live my life on a day to day basis, knowing I’m not alone.

Please embark with me on this journey as I share with the world my experience, as I can only hope to get more involved in doing so, to help let people know they’re not alone and anyone can be apart of change for the better, and I want to help be apart of that change.

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